December 23, 2016 ENRG Team 0Comment

Imagine jumping from one tree to another in a rainforest like the Mowgli, watching all the wonders of other galaxies from far and wide, or beating your siblings at tennis, while sitting on your couch! Virtual Reality is the technology which enables us to do all this and more while enjoying the comfort of being home. Just wear the Virtual Reality headsets or and visit wherever you want. Entertainment has been redefined by Virtual Reality in literal sense. Virtual Reality gaming has already become popular with people, the days are not far when only a few will be visiting the multiplexes, Virtual Reality Headsets let you see it all in 3D.
Enrg, one of the most reliable brands in India, offers various options to realise Virtual Reality. A wide range of ENRG VR Headsets and 3D virtual reality wireless Bluetooth remote control are available to watch your favourite movies and play video games in virtual reality. ENRG VR glasses are fully adjustable. They are also compatible with almost all the available smartphones. The most basic is ENRG VR Able Vision, an 85-95 degree angled glasses that are inspired by google cardboard. ENRG VR Able Touch comes with non-spherical lenses to enjoy a view surpassing 100 degrees. ENRG VR Able Studio is a Virtual Reality Headset that comes with 100-120 degree lenses and inbuilt headphones. 40mm diaphragm and PET material offer powerful sound. It also supports one key phone call answering and volume control.
New experiences become more beneficial when we have the validity of an old associate. And who else can be more reliable than ERNG when it comes to quality? ENRG Virtual Reality Headsets or VR Headsets are made from superior quality, polished HD optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano coating. They offer an amazing FOV along with reduced eye-strain. The future is not so far away, let us all experience this world-changing technology with our own brand ENRG.

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