January 16, 2017 ENRG Team 0Comment

The latest technological advancement in the lighting industry is LED energy efficient lighting. It is also becoming a popular choice with each passing day, thanks to its durability and energy efficiency. A common LED light uses 80-90% of electricity, which cuts energy consumption and in turn the costs of power. Also the LEDs heat up quite insignificantly as compared to the conventional modes of lighting. Using LED lights is what the smart citizens of the world are doing now. And to assist with that, our brand ENRG offers us a range of LED lighting solutions, including remote controlled LED bulbs, table lamps, study lamps, and energy efficient lighting RGB bulbs.

Levitas float lamp is an LED table lamp of classic looks and a unique design which uses magnets to keep it rotating. Prim is a kind of adjustable table lamp, with cool and warm white lights, which can also be carried easily while travelling. Prim can be charged by a USB cable and has an advanced display feature which displays calendar, temperature, and alarm. Pharos table lamp, along with being excellent at desk, provides a 5V – 500mA USB output which can be used to charge iPad, iPhone and other USB devices. Pivot is a table lamp with efficiency of LED and it can be folded as and when needed, to occupy the least of space. Jugnu ambient mood light is the most popular of all, with its ever changing RGB colours. Prism remote controlled LED bulbs are a masterpiece by ENRG.

Prism energy efficient RGB bulbs can be used along with Wi-Fi router and they change colours as per your mood and requirement. One can never say enough about all the energy efficient and smart lighting products offered by ENRG. They can only be experienced with great awe as they increase the style quotient and reduce only the power consumption.

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