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Even though cell phone manufacturers are pushing the envelope with massive batteries, most mobile users are always running out of the battery. We at ENRG believe that you can utilise this trend to improve the engagement levels at your event, delight your customers, and execute marketing activities.

What We Do

  • We provide secure and fast smartphone charging stations; so that visitors can charge their devices efficiently.
  • We provide wide range of customised mobile charging stations that can come in the form of charging tables, charging docks, portable charging stations, and table power bank with LCDs.
  • We tend to provide information to our customers who are always keen on using newer technologies and products.
  • We offer top-quality, customised and trendy charging stations that your customers would love to use and even share about it on the social media.

Why We Are Different

Our charging stations can help you market products or services while the customer is charging the mobile device. Brands will love to intercept the hyper-engaged audience at these mobile charging stations. This ad space can be a steady stream of income for malls, hospitals, airports, etc.
With internet usage increasing further among the masses, people will always be running out of power. By installing our premium charging stations in your premises, you ensure that your customers do not have an adverse or stressful experience. As they say, “A delighted customer is a returning customer.”
Get in touch with our team to know which charging station will suit your requirement and get it installed immediately.